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Your Business, Your Future

Having the ability to manage your financial advisory business at the click of a button would be great, wouldn’t it?

Well look no further! ifaDASH will help you;

  • Monitor
  • Risk manage
  • Connect
  • Strategise your business

How ifaDASH integrates with your advice process

In the modern world, technology has provided a great deal of value to a financial services business when supporting the client journey, but what about the business itself?

ifaDASH provides the much-needed all-in-one solution, linking all components of a financial services business, to help you monitor, control, and grow your business. Designed and built by IFAs, ifaDASH provides a hybrid solution allowing you to simply input, connect and/or import key data through each department to provide the ultimate business monitoring and data driven solution.

ifaDASH has a proven track record in driving efficiencies, aiding growth, and enhancing profitability all designed with minimal user input to create and highlight exception areas and provide macro/micro management information (MI) to deliver maximum output. In addition to this and, to support the end of the journey, ifaDASH even provides the business owner(s) with a unique exit valuation planning calculator along with scenario driven options to help you plan for a comfortable retirement.

So let the market-leading software provider help you effortlessly understand, plan and power the journey of your financial services business so you can continue to focus on good client outcomes.

Manage your financial advisory business through one platform

enhance profitability

monitor live business performances

control productivity

manage new business processes

connect all departments

plan your future exit

Realtime business monitoring, forecasting & planning for financial advisory businesses

“…in our first week of using the software we found an unpaid fee of £4700 which more than paid for the first year’s subscription alone!

Try it for yourself

We understand that sometimes you need to see it to believe it. That’s why we offer a FREE 7-day preview so you can experience ifaDASH hands-on.